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Refreshing the image for a made-to-measure menswear company

User Experience, Branding, Storytelling

The Brief

Indochino's story is one of entrepreneurial vision, technological innovation, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. What started as a college-born idea to solve a personal frustration has grown into a global menswear powerhouse.

By pioneering an online made-to-measure model, Indochino made custom tailoring accessible to a wider audience, challenging the traditional brick-and-mortar model and revolutionizing the way men shop for suits.

Their commitment to quality, affordability, and personalized service has fueled their meteoric rise, transforming them from a local startup into an internationally recognized brand that's synonymous with modern, stylish menswear.

Our Solution

Recognizing the unique challenge of translating a bespoke, in-person service into a digital platform, we embarked on a comprehensive research initiative. Partnering with Spark Strategy, a local Canadian agency, we conducted extensive market research to understand consumer behavior and preferences in the online tailoring space.

Armed with these insights, we collaborated closely with Indochino's in-house team to develop a user-centric website. Through multiple iterations and rigorous user testing with potential customers, we refined the platform, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience that mirrored the personalized service of a traditional tailor. This meticulous approach laid the foundation for Indochino's successful transition to an online model, proving that bespoke tailoring could thrive in the digital age.

The Results

Over a six-month period, we collaborated closely with Indochino to develop a user-centric website that seamlessly translated their bespoke tailoring experience to the digital realm. After successfully launching the platform, we transitioned ownership to their in-house team, who continued to refine and expand upon our initial design concepts.

Today, Indochino stands as a global leader in made-to-measure apparel, boasting a thriving online store and a growing network of 14 showrooms across North America. Their innovative omnichannel approach allows customers to design and purchase personalized garments either online or in person, redefining the future of retail by making custom clothing accessible and affordable.

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