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Sole DXB

Sole DXB

Street wear, kicks, art and so much more, meet the new Dubai

Branding, Experiential Marketing

The Brief

Dubai is known famously for a great many things, but street culture is not something people usually associate Dubai with. SoleDXB saw an opportunity to change that, and be the platform for all things street. Since 2015, SoleDXB has been growing in strides after strides, becoming larger and more popular with every year.

Taking product design and brand marketing as the new frontier in compelling others to think differently, create distinctively and communicate effectively. SoleDXB aims to inspire and encourage growth within the design and progressive fashion sector in the region.

Our Solution

The global audience have become too familiar with the stereotypical ‘street-style’ – SoleDXB wanted to step out of the boundaries with this campaign and definitely add that Middle Eastern flair, offering a window into the cultural melting pot that is Dubai.

We wanted to build and conceptualize a campaign that charged up potential consumers for the next SoleDXB event, not only from a content marketing perspective, but also from the sponsors views. The enthusiasm that was centric to the previous events, was just ready to get completely charged up.

The Results

Celebrating their fifth year in this the renowned ‘City of Gold’, Sole DXB was bigger and better than ever before, offering up a lethal dose of contemporary street culture, cut with distinctive Middle Eastern flair. Having begun life sneaker-focused, Sole DXB has grown into so much more – a melting pot of cultures where, just as the film highlights, tradition and luxury truly meet.

This year the event gets even wilder, playing host to some of the biggest figures from across street industries, including key figures from music, sneaker and art scenes. As ever basketball played a key part in event proceedings, sponsored by Nike, the Sole Ball Above All Classic, an open winner-takes-all tournament made up of teams from the region.

Great work cannot be created without a variety of different perspectives. Which is why we worked with a multitude of agencies for this including Lightblue, Blackrainbow, Dubai Design District and iconic streetwear brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Air Jordan, along with the "Godfather of Streetwear" Hiroshi Fujiwara, Pusha T, Jeff Staple and many, many more...

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