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Tiger Beer Malaysia

Tiger Beer Malaysia

Why are we so afraid to follow our dreams?

Storytelling, Experiential Marketing

The Brief

Tiger Beer, Malaysia’s No. 1 Beer1, wants to start a conversation about a pressing issue, yet not often spoken about, among Malaysians – why are we so afraid to follow our dreams? It is no secret that many people feel pressured into careers by the expectations of family and society, and financial concerns can stop us from taking a risk. However, with a recent survey showing that 70% of Malaysians weren’t happy in their current jobs2, is it time to awaken our courage?

Our Solution

With this in mind, Tiger Beer is seeking to inspire Malaysians to pursue their dreams with its Uncage campaign, by showcasing the stories of three local heroes who have challenged societal norms to pursue their passion. As food plays such an important role in Malaysian life, the three courageous individuals chosen have each pursued their passion for cooking in the face of other expectations.

These uncaged heroes – Im Cheah, Jun Chan, and Herukh Jethwani - have challenged conventions and culinary expectations with their innovative dishes. Each has chosen to leave behind more traditional career paths in order to pursue their passion: Im, a former creative director at an advertising agency is now a full-time ‘baconist’, Jun’s love of soul food won out over his studies in Mechanical Engineering, while Herukh refused to play it safe, creating dishes which challenge everything you know about Indian cuisine. Their unique stories have been captured via a brand film launched today by Tiger Beer on their official website and social media platforms here.

The Results

“Courage lies at the heart of Tiger Beer’s identity. As a brand, we believe that everyone has a tiger inside – you just have to find it. We want to show how all it takes is a dream and the passion to follow what you love to create something extraordinary. We hope that through our Uncage platform, the real and honest experiences of our heroes can inspire Malaysians to cultivate their passion, whatever that may be, even if that means challenging what society expects of you.” said Pearly Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia.

Great work and ideas are fostered with the spirit of collaboration. This campaign was executed with a number of stellar partners including, Naga DDB, The Chariot, Ministry XR and Freeform

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