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Audio Branding

Unmute your brand

What do we do?

We work in all facets of sonic or audio branding, and we enable our clients to stand out., by evoking all the sense of their humans. Nothing quite permeates a person's subconscious like music and sound.

A carefully crafted audio branding can lead to a plethora of benefits for the brand that adopts it, from greater recall, more loyal and emotive connection to the brand, and a significantly higher number of repeat purchases. 47% of customers said they feel more connected to a brand because of it's sonic cues.

Build Authenticity for your brand

Voices and certain sounds, in this case, if done right, build on that feeling of authenticity that a brand is creating at a higher level. It can be a critical part of brand association.


The power of melody in particular creates a feeling right away. We track happiness, we track sadness, we track all these different emotions, but authenticity and connection is one that is difficult to track in advertising, and this is where audio branding comes in.

Campaign Management

Experiential Marketing

User Experience


Sonic Identity

Branding Identity

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