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Dubai Tourism

Dubai Tourism

How do you embed the story of a city in over 100 million devices, reaching 180 countries around the world?

Branding, Product Design, Storytelling

The Brief

Can a font truly capture the essence of a city? Can it convey the stories, the culture, the very soul of a place? This was the ambitious goal behind the creation of the Dubai Font, a typeface designed to transcend traditional typography and become a symbol of Dubai's global identity. Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of how this unique font was conceived, developed, and ultimately shared with the world.

Our Solution

Dubai Font is a powerful symbol of the city's unique identity and its commitment to promoting literacy and cultural exchange. This custom typeface, commissioned by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan and launched in partnership with Microsoft, was designed to represent the diverse voices and aspirations of the city's people.

The integration of Dubai Font into Microsoft Office 365 marked a major milestone in city branding, instantly making the typeface accessible to over 100 million devices worldwide. This bold move not only elevated Dubai's global presence but also showcased the power of design to bridge cultures and inspire positive change.

The Results

The Dubai Font, meticulously designed by Dr. Nadine Chahine of Monotype, is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Inspired by both the rich heritage of Arabic calligraphy and Dubai's futuristic landscape, the typeface seamlessly integrates Latin and Arabic scripts, creating a visual language that reflects the city's diverse cultural identity.

Dubai Font has become a symbol of the city's commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and global reach. Officially adopted by businesses, government institutions, and citizens alike, the typeface has permeated the fabric of daily life in Dubai, appearing on everything from signage to official documents.

The font's launch was accompanied by a multi-faceted campaign, led by Y&R Dubai in collaboration with The Executive Council of Dubai, Mirum, MCS/Action, ASDA BCW, and Hill + Knowlton. This strategic effort garnered a staggering reach of over 194 million, with a perceived ad value exceeding US$6.75 million. 

The campaign's success in promoting the font's message of self-expression and cultural unity was further validated by its win at the Dubai Lynx 2018 award for Corporate Image and Sponsorship.

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