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Eli Lilly SAAVIO Product Design

Eli Lilly SAAVIO Product Design

Redesigning an insulin pen to look more like a personal accessory

Product Design

The Brief

What if insulin therapy could be more than just a medical necessity? What if it could be a seamless part of daily life, free from stigma and inconvenience?

This was the bold question that Eli Lilly, a pioneer in diabetes care, sought to answer. Their quest for a revolutionary solution led them down a path of innovation, one that would ultimately transform the way millions of people manage their diabetes.

Our Solution

The SAVVIO insulin pen emerged from a collaborative process that united the expertise of Eli Lilly and seven specialized suppliers and service providers. Our role was to lead the conceptualization phase, envisioning a device that would resonate with patients on an emotional level while meeting their practical needs.

Through extensive research and brainstorming, we developed a design that prioritized personalization and user experience. The final SAVVIO pen, refined by Eli Lilly, reflects this collaborative effort, embodying a unique blend of style, functionality, and empowerment.

The Results

The SAVVIO insulin pen's design was informed by a deep understanding of patients' emotional needs.  By creating a device that looks and feels more like a personal accessory than a medical tool, Eli Lilly empowered individuals to embrace their diabetes management with confidence and style.

This approach proved particularly resonant in the Middle East, where cultural sensitivities around chronic illness often create additional challenges for patients. SAVVIO's discreet design and stylish appearance helped remove the stigma associated with insulin therapy, leading to widespread adoption and establishing Eli Lilly as a leading healthcare provider in the region.

This impactful campaign, a collaboration between Eli Lilly, Frog Design, UNM, and MCI Group, demonstrated the power of combining innovative design with cultural understanding to create truly transformative healthcare solutions.

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