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Eli Lilly SAAVIO Product Design

Eli Lilly SAAVIO Product Design

Redesigning an insulin pen to look more like a personal accessory

Product Design

The Brief

Eli Lilly famous for their Humalog pens needed a fresh approach to insulin therapy. Something that removed the stigma of having diabetes and allowed patients to undergo their required therapy without the associated issues.

Our Solution

The SAVVIO was created in a collaborative approach with over seven different suppliers and service providers to Eli Lilly. We developed the key concept, and it was then refined by Eli Lilly for its final version.

Our conceptualization was based on the recognition that people are unique and that their insulin delivery devices should reflect their lifestyle and personality. Designed with a premium pen in mind, we designed the SAVVIO to reflect class and sophistication, but with the flexibility of personalization.

The Results

Key insights guided the design of SAVVIO, including how patients prefer insulin pens that look less like medical objects and more like tangible expressions of the condition and the therapy.

The sleek, colorful SAVVIO pen was created to help patients feel comfortable and confident about fitting mealtime injections into their everyday lives.

Engineered to resemble a small personal accessory rather than a medical device, this latest innovation was designed following feedback from people with diabetes who shared their aspiration to manage diabetes discreetly. Particularly a huge hit in the Middle Eastern audience, especially in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Eli Lilly is now one of the leading healthcare manufacturers operating out of the Middle East.

Since its inception more than 25 years ago, Eli Lilly has been committed to offer advanced treatment options to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, lung cancer, gastric cancer, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, men’s health and growth-hormone deficiency.

This was a collective collaboration between us, Frog Design and MCI Group in events and activations to launch this pen across the MENA region.

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