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How do you build trust in Conversational AI, before it became ubiquitous?

Branding, User Experience

The Brief

KeyReply, a rising star in the Conversational AI landscape, was on a mission to revolutionize healthcare through intelligent automation. Their innovative solutions had already transformed the way healthcare providers in Singapore interacted with patients and managed their operations. However, KeyReply's vision extended far beyond national borders. They aimed to become the go-to provider of Conversational AI solutions for healthcare organizations worldwide.

Our Solution

Diving into KeyReply's existing brand assets and conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis, a critical insight emerged: their customer-facing channels overwhelmingly emphasized Conversational AI. From their chatbot to their backend platform and even the programming language used for their AI models, the cursor and the text that followed were the unsung heroes of their brand experience.

This revelation led us to a bold decision: strip away the excess and refocus the brand language around the core elements of typing, text, and interaction. We embraced minimalism, crafting a dynamic brand identity that spanned static and moving elements, online and offline presence. The cursor became our icon, symbolizing KeyReply's unwavering focus on communication and the power of language

The Results

KeyReply's journey from a local Singaporean start-up to a global leader in healthcare AI is a testament to their unwavering dedication to improving healthcare through innovation. Their technology has empowered healthcare professionals to work more efficiently, enabling them to focus on what matters most: delivering compassionate care to their patients. 

By placing the power of AI in the hands of those who need it most, KeyReply is shaping the future of healthcare, one where technology and human expertise seamlessly converge to create a healthier world.

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