Kite Beach

Kite Beach

How do you rebrand Dubai's Favorite Beach?

Branding, User Experience, Experiential Marketing

The Brief

How do you rebrand Dubai's Favorite Beach?

Kite Beach is never a dull place to visit because of fitness areas, dining options, a plethora for shopaholics, and a library for book-lovers, along with an Insta worthy location. So, whether you want to go for water sports or other pursuits following are some of the adrenaline rushing activities to get most of this spectacular kite surfers beach

Our Solution

When commissioned to design its brand identity, we wanted to exude the vibrancy of this destination and the multiplicity of flavours that one gets by spending a day there.

The identity is based on a rich color palette and illustrations and typography superposed to create an animated backdrop for the scene. Strong graphic geometric lines reinforce the lively atmosphere.

The Results

Kite Beach since it was added to the portfolio of Meeras Holdings, has now become a defacto part of life in Dubai. Kite Beach features open stretches of soft white sand, vibrant sights and sounds, fitness areas, a beach library, and kids activities, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

With watersport speculators available along the sand, you can rent equipment and test your skills against the emerald waters of the stunning Arabian Gulf. Afternoons are best for those who want to challenge the details, as that’s when the wind picks up and the waves follow suit. You must know that this beach is named “Kite” because people love to fly kites in the sky. Once you are there, you will find thousands of colors surfing in the sky, and they are not huge birds, but kites! And we reflected the experience of Kite Beach exquistely in it's updated brand identity.


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