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Helping address some of the region's most pressing healthcare challenges

User Experience, Product Design

The Brief

Mubadala, a global investment powerhouse known for its strategic approach and commitment to long-term value creation, sought to elevate its healthcare division. While already a significant player in the industry, Mubadala recognized the need to enhance its digital presence and better communicate its diverse offerings to a wider audience.

This presented a unique opportunity to reposition Mubadala Healthcare as a leader in the field, showcasing its comprehensive range of services and its commitment to delivering world-class care. By revamping the division's website,

Our Solution

Mubadala Healthcare's commitment to patient-centric care inspired us to create a website that prioritized ease of use and accessibility. The "Find a Hospital," "Find a Doctor," and "Find a Treatment" features were designed to simplify the healthcare journey, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their care. This user-friendly platform not only enhanced the patient experience but also strengthened Mubadala Healthcare's reputation as a trusted partner in health and wellness.

The Results

The revamped Mubadala Healthcare website yielded impressive results, with a 

  • 37% surge in appointment bookings from the English site and a remarkable 48% increase from the Arabic site.  

This surge was complemented by a shift in patient behavior, as customers arrived for appointments more informed about their doctors and even proactively referred friends and family to the platform, leading to a 24% increase in referral visits.  

Strategic placement of call-to-action (CTA) buttons and other conversion-focused design elements further amplified the website's effectiveness, driving a 39% overall increase in conversions.

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